Willpower-The Power To Stay Firm On Achieving our Goals

True willpower is the power that is inherent to a goal in view. It is the conscious call upon of the spiritual state that motivated the decision for an action, a course of action or a stand.

“Those who are firm in their will mold the world to themselves”
--- Goethe

Let’s get a proper understanding of...

    1. What this power truly is.
    2. When do we have the self-will to stick to decisions we have taken
    3. How we call upon the power of the will

1. What is this type of power?

It is often mistaken as being an unnatural effort to carry out an action or to restrain from doing an action.

True willpower is a power that is inherent to a goal in view. We set a goal for the benefit we draw from it. We normally set goals for the things that make us feel good. It is the conscious recall of the good feeling that keep us focused on our goal.

We can break down the word to understand it better. It is the power of the will.

What is a will? It is what we want, right?

What does power mean? Power is force or strength.

So willpower is the strength of our desire for something.

2. When do we have the power to stick to decisions we have taken?

We have the power to stand firm on our decisions when we have a strong desire for something and the way to achieve it has become clear in our minds.

We also need to feel confident that we can do what we have resolved as being the actions or stand with regard to the issue in view.

3. How we call upon the power of the will

Since we attend to several things during the course of a day, a week or even from one moment to another, when we bring our attention back to that specific goal we have in view, we have to recall upon the spirit of will power to recreate the feeling that made us take that specific decision.

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