Positive Attitude In The Workplace - What To Do & Not To Do

A positive attitude in the workplace is like walking around with your promotion ticket in your pocket.

Having a positive attitude in the workplace is to be an employee who knows that he/she is being paid for solving problems. The only way to maintain your job and to move up the ladder is to contribute to the benefit of the organization you are working for, in every single task you undertake or attitude you adopt.

1. The very first thing is to choose a job you love.

Choose your job according to your passion. You will be at your best performance level. 

This is vital for having a positive attitude at work. When you enjoy what you do, you will spread that joy around you.  People love happy people around them.

Then choose the right organization

Yes you have the choice of whom you work with. Where you work is very important for a positive attitude in the workplace.

Before you start to look out for a job, research information on the organization. 

Choose your employer according to these 12 criteria. Choose an organization that…

a. Has a leader who inspires you

b. Communicate the vision and goals of the organization with their employees

c. Has good values and ethos, 

d. Treat their employees with fairness

e. Give clear job expectations to their employees

f. Has clear and simple rules and policies

g. Regular consults with employees for finding better ways for achieving the organization’s objectives.

h. Give regular feedback to employees on their own and the organization’s performance. 

i. Encourage initiative.

j. Has a clear salaries and bonuses scheme

k. Has a clear training and career advancement scheme.

l. Choose an organization that has a successful record. Such an organization will definitely have an organization culture that fosters the well-being of their employees, always.

If you are already in a job, here are guidelines for a positive attitude in the workplace.

3. To show your positive attitude in the workplace, be solution minded and not problem focused.

Never leave a problem that is within your scope of responsibility unsolved.

4. Give the best of yourself at your job.

Always remember the benefits you have by having a job. Always look for ways to improve your competencies. Take courses, read books, keep increasing your knowledge in your area of activity. Keep yourself informed about progresses being made in your area of activity.

5. Never criticize anyone.

If you do not agree with someone on something that that person has done, talk to that person in private. Talk about the issue, voice out your feelings. Do not point out at the person’s weakness. Nobody likes their weaknesses to be pointed out.

6. Stay away from gossip.

Never talk about problems you encountered with one colleague with other colleagues. Gossiping is not an example of a positive attitude in the workplace.

7. Be constructive.

When you have a problem to solve, look at it as an opportunity to grow, because this is what it really is. 

8. Never complain...

... whether it is about the weather, your husband, your kids the traffic on the road to work, the government, the system the economy, never complain. 

9. Be a good news reporter in your organization

Look out for good things happening in your organization or in the world outside, talk about those good news. 

10. Be productive.

Use every single moment of your time in productive activity. If you need a pause, stretch out, take a walk, read something different from what you are doing, listen to music, but do not involve in idle chat.

11. Be pleasant.

Find something pleasant to say about your colleagues when you see them. But it has to be genuine, not hypocritical. You will be amazed to discover the qualities in people you considered bad persons. There are no bad persons. There are only people whose environments have not nurtured them into what they are. Give the persons you consider a chance to show you their good nature, they will.

12. Never give unsought for advice to others.

Keep your advices for people who come to you asking for it or to discuss their problems with you.  The underlying message for giving unsought for advices is undermining the person’s capacity. Everyone likes to feel they are capable. 

13. Be careful about other people’s egos when making suggestions or ideas that you have that you consider will benefit your organization. 

Think about how your proposition will be received. This is so important for a positive attitude in the workplace.

If you believe you do not have the proper attitude, learn how to change your attitude.

A positive attitude in your workplace has to be coupled with an environment that contributes to your well-being.

If you are in an environment that does not foster your well-being, stick to doing your job well, but find yourself another job, work from home as a freelancer or start earning money on the side, until your sideline activity brings you enough money to quit your job and become free from stressful working environments.

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