Motivation In The Workplace

Motivation in the workplace-can you drive a car without fuel?

Motivation in the workplace is obviously very important. Creating a motivating environment in your workplace produces happy employees; therefore low staff turnover and absenteeism, enhanced productivity, satisfied customers and better financial performance.

Now, let’s see what it takes and how to achieve this aim:

1. Your Leadership skills

Your role is to influence and encourage your employees to focus their actions towards the accomplishment of the goals you have set for your organization.

To be a successful leader that stimulates motivation in the workplace, you need:

  • A clear vision for your organization and its mission.
  • Clearly set goals that translate that vision and mission.
  • A perfect mastery of your business.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • The willingness to demonstrate effort, especially when dealing with difficult tasks. 

2. Make ALL your employees feel their jobs are important

Take time to communicate the importance of the role and importance of each employee contribution in the achievement of the goals of your organization.

Your employees will give the best of themselves when they feel their contribution as being important.

3. Clearly indicate job expectations

Here’s how you proceed:

  • Do a brainstorm of all the tasks/processes that have to be carried out.
  • Assess the time each task takes to be perfectly accomplished.
  • Group all sequential tasks and those requiring similar skills, as much as possible together.
  • Share the tasks among your employees.  Make sure you do a fair distribution of workload. 
  • Ensure that you distribute the tasks according to the skills of your employees while distributing tasks.

4.Clearly define your organization's structure

In a clearly defined organizational structure, each of your employees know how they relate to each other and who the person to whom they report to and they go to for solving problems they cannot handle on their own.

5. Restrict the number of rules and regulations as much as you can

You may not believe it but rules and regulations bring a sense of security to employees. They feel they have entrusted their livelihood in safe hands, they are being lead by a leader who knows where he is going.

6. Career advancement and improvement opportunities

Employees are better motivated when you give them opportunities to learn to do more and more complex tasks, which help build their self-esteem and enable them to climb the professional and social ladder.

7. Give regular feedback and opportunity to dialogue with superiors

Giving your employees regular feedback and the possibility to dialogue with you or with your supervisor make your employees feel they are cared for and their contribution as worthy. Again this boosts their self worth and has a direct incidence on their commitment and performance.

8. Nurture good working relationships with peers, superiors and subordinates

A healthy working relationship with others is brought about by perceived fairness in tasks distribution-load and complexity-and remuneration/benefits. Perceived fairness in the exercise of rewarding and punishing is another important factor in bringing motivation in the workplace.

9. Perceptions of the ethos and values of your organization

The perception of good ethos and values in the treatment of your employees and the practices of your business, you definitely get workers that are committed to the achievement of your organizations goals. 

10. Financial rewards

When you offer attractive salaries/commissions and bonuses, 

  • You will attract the best employees in the marketplace when you recruit, because you will have a good reputation.
  • You will have highly motivated employees.
  • You will have high performance. 

To sum up, your values, your attitude and how you plan, organize, lead and reward your employees has direct incidence in motivation in the workplace and directly impacts your organization's performance; clients, suppliers and other stakeholders will love dealing with a motivated team, the financial performance of the organization you lead, its reputation on the job market.

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