The Meaning of Success-To Find Love, Peace, Prosperity, Therefore, Happiness

What is the meaning of success? Success means the fulfillment of our needs and our wishes. It means the fulfillment of our dreams. Do you think it is possible? Of course it is!

However, Success means different things to different people at different stages of life.

So, the very first step in aspiring for success is to clarify what Success means to you, where you stand today, in your own life.

To me, to achieve success means to have Love, to have Peace, to be Happy and to be Prosperous.

We indeed find Love, Peace, Happiness and Prosperity in the order that it is written here. Learn more about my definition of success.

True Love

True Love is Self-Love.

True Love is not limited to your love for your life partner; you can have love when you are alone.

True Love embraces love of humanity, love of life.

This kind of love is possible when you are happy of yourself and by yourself.

This happens when you realize that Life itself is a love story.

Absolute Peace

Absolute Peace is the state of mind when you have Faith, when know that you have the capacity to handle every life situation and to have everything you want.

Absolute Peace is attained when you feel safe.

Absolute Peace is attained when you have a vision of enormous promise in the your future and the future of Humanity.


When you know that you can have Love, Peace, Happiness and Prosperity, of course you are happy!

Unlimited Prosperity

True Prosperity comes after you become rich inside.

To become prosperous, you have to give something.

What can you give if you have nothing? This is the enigma that you will have to solve!

Let’s resume, to be successful means to have Love, Peace, Happiness and Prosperity.

When you have found Love, Peace and Happiness, Prosperity follows…

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